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    • Welcome to our Learning Platform, tailored to enhance your learning experience as part of the Strategic Procurement training for Public Buyers initiative (EISMEA/2023/OP/0012). The goal of this initiative is to boost the uptake of strategic public procurement in the European Economic Area (EEA), playing a pivotal role in the EU's economic recovery. We aim to create a culture of innovation and support startups, while also fostering a more accessible procurement environment for SMEs. 

      Procure Innovation EU- Training Programme main objectives are to:

      • Enhance innovation procurement by advocating for a cultural shift within the public sector.
      • Empower public buyers, including staff and decision-makers, with specialised training, encouraging contracting authorities to adopt an innovation culture.
      • Deliver trainings which will cover both legal and practical aspects of public procurement.

      This training programme is divided into two levels:

      • Level 1: Public Buyers´ staff. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge to develop procurement processes, understand associated challenges, implement learned strategies, develop analytical and evaluation skills, and foster soft skills for innovation development. For further information on the 2024 editions, review the Level 1- Training Programme Guidebook.
      • Level 2: Decision-makers. At the end of the course, Decision Makers will be equipped to drive innovative public procurement and address environmental and social concerns effectively.

      This Learning Platform functions as a streamlined digital hub for the Procure Innovation EU- Training Programme. It is designed to facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking in our Community. It includes two differentiated training levels, with specific information for each one, including a range of logistical information, essential resources, engaging activities, and dedicated spaces for questions and networking, and a common forum for open discussion innovation procurement topic. We hope you find inspiration, knowledge, tools, and professional connections in your use of the platform!

      To learn more about this initiative and others promoted by DG GROW of the European Commission, we invite you to visit the Public Buyers Community Platform. Join Procure Innovation EU Community of Practice  inside the Public Buyers Community Platform and find more information about the Training Programme, useful tools, resources and upcoming activities

      You can also stay tuned by joining us on our LinkedIn and YouTube channel.